Tiny Cartridge 3DS

About Tiny Cartridge

Launched in 2008, Tiny Cartridge is a must-follow site for fans of handheld gaming — whether it’s on the Nintendo 3DS, DS, PS Vita, or even Wii U. You will also find lots of game-related art, comics, indie projects, chiptunes, retro junk, GIFs, and other curiosities here because we love all that stuff!

We pride ourselves in creating a home unlike any other for portable gaming fans. Here’s what others have said about our little blog:

Tumblr team: “[Exemplifies] the best of the best of the gaming community on Tumblr.”

1UP’s 101 Best Video Game Sites: “Definitely a labor of love.”

The ‘New Age Of Curation’ interview: “Probably my favorite video game weblog in terms of curation.”

And while we’re bragging, our cheerful mascot Tiny has made cameos in fine games like Atlus’ Etrian Odyssey IV, Tribute’s Wizorb, Spooky Squid’s They Bleed Pixels.

So who are we?

Eric Caoili has contributed to and served as an editor for venerated publications like Gamasutra, GameSetWatch, Joystiq, and many others.

He is currently somewhere in Cincinnati, OH, posting about the Goof Troop theme song on Tiny Cartridge’s Twitter account. It’s a pretty great theme song.

JC Fletcher is a former Joystiq editor who now works full-time as a father of twins. He is widely considered the foremost expert on Gachapin cases for handheld game systems.

He lives in Austin, TX. You can follow @jcfletcher on Twitter.

Dannel Jurado (contributor) listens to all sorts of music and occasionally writes about it on his music blog: Tuned. He is also a part of the crew that organizes Pulsewave, a regular chipmusic show in New York City.

He lives in BRKlyn, NY. You can follow @DeMarko on Twitter for way too many tweets. Portrait by Matt Cummings.