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Essentials for DQIX treasure maps

If, like me, you’ve played nothing but Dragon Quest IX for the past month, you’re probably at the point where a Friday rolls along and you’re like, “Finally, the weekend! Time to run through hella Dragon Quest IX treasure maps.”

Dragon’s Den has an invaluable collection of data and tools for anyone tackling these grottos — really, they have a wealth of information for anyone looking to learn more about the Dragon Quest series. I gathered all the treasure map-related links and guides I’ve pored over lately so you can use them for your own adventures:

  • Treasure Map Searcher -Essential tool for quickly finding where your newest grotto is located
  • Grotto Calculator - Estimates for what monsters, metal/jewel slimes, chest items, bosses, map ranks, and other factors you can expect based on your character’s level and treasure map’s name
  • Hoimi Table Walkthrough - Step-by-step guide for getting guaranteed rare drops from map bosses (with images and video demonstrating the steps)
  • Legacy Boss Info - Tables for first, second, and third drops based on Legacy Boss levels
  • Post Game Strategies - Tips for grottos, blue chest farming, character builds, and much more

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