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So Metroid: Other M has the best boxart ever … in Japan. I’d seen the box image before, but it wasn’t until James Mielke photographed his copy that I knew it was a slipcover with a cutout. I’m totally considering buying the Japanese version now, even if I don’t know how I’d play it. At least I wouldn’t have to listen to the dialogue again amirite.

I liked this boxart even before I knew of the special effect. It’s cool to look at, but the brightness of the face inside the visor, and the halftoned armor, are also a pretty elegant way to signify that the game is supposed to be about Samus the person and not Samus the yellow robot.

Import: This fucking gorgeous version of Metroid: Other M (I believe it has both JP/English audio!)

Buy: Metroid: Other M (U.S. edition)

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