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The Legend of Zelda: The Shards of Light.

This homebrew DS remake of the original Zelda NES game is early in development, but I hope BassAceGold eventually fixes some of the annoyances I found in this demo video — sword beams that sound like shots fired from a high-powered laser rifle, an overworld theme that sounds too epic, and over a dozen paragraphs of introductory text (skip to 02:10 for gameplay).

I wish this was more like Nintendo’s own Satellaview remake, BS Zelda no Densetsu, but then again, I have that same wish for every Zelda game.

The project has potential, though — I like the sprites so far, and having a map on the bottom screen is a good idea. The ability to hold four items at a time instead of two could be great, too (but it could also turn out terrible). BassAceGold also plans to drop in an achievement system that will “add little extra quests and unlockables” so that “the more achievements you unlock, the more extra goodies you can get in game.”

BassAceGold does not intend to release a demo before Shards of Light is completed. He has worked on the project since December 2007.

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