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New hack uncensors Golgo 13 nudity, Nazis

Guyver (X.B.M.) has released a new “anti-censorship” patch for Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode restoring elements that were altered for the NES game’s U.S. release.

Unlike the Japanese version, our English copies of Golgo 13 pitted the professional assassin against the Drek empire and its leader Smirk, instead of Nazis led by Adolf Hitler. A few references to the Third Reich remain in the American edition, like the clearly Hitler-esque cyborg final boss and the mission document with a swastika icon, but this patch also brings back the Nazi references in the game’s text.

[Note: NSFW image after the break]

The hack’s other major change involves Duke Togo’s late night encounters. As you probably know, the game presents several opportunities for the hero to bed female operatives, the act of consummation hinted at with a classy silhouetted scene played out in a hotel room window (followed by players regaining their health the following morning).

Golgo 13's Japanese version also featured an alternate scene in which the female offering herself to Duke actually removed her top, exposing her bare breasts — the game prompts players to “press the B button and have the kids look away from the screen”, according to Wikipedia.

You can download the NES patch here.

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