Tiny Cartridge 3DS

The “GB Camera” app allows users to take pictures in the classic Game Boy Camera resolution (almost) and color scheme. In addition to faithful GB Camera simulation, it features a bunch of options, like upscaling to 1600 x 1200, adjusting the brightness and contrast, and turning off dithering for an even blockier look. This totally makes me wish I could afford one of those fancy-ass phones! I’d grab a Game Boy iPhone case and the Game Boy Springboard skin and pretend that I had spent a lot less money and just bought a damn Game Boy!

The developer, Epicore, also made a "C64 Camera" app.

Is Game Boy Camera nostalgia what’s hot right now? Did Jeremy Parish’s tutorial on GB Camera-izing your photos turn into a trend? Or do two recent Game Boy Camera things (three if you count Eric’s Photoshop Action, which I so do) not really constitute a trend?

[Via @infiniteblog]

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