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Code of Princess, a new sidescrolling action game coming to the 3DS from Agashima Entertainment. The code in question here certainly isn’t referring to a dress code.

The game plays similar to Treasure’s Guardian Heroes beat’em up, in that you can have up to four players battling enemies and pulling off combos in multiple planes.

It’s all based on a fantasy world created by former Capcom illustrator Kinu Nishimura — you might have seen her work in the Street Fighter series or 999. She’s serving as the character and world designer on this project. 

There’s already a figure for Code of Princess, which was debuted wayyy back in February! It’s somehow even more lewd than the concept art we’ve featured here.  I wonder if Agashima was looking for a project to take on, saw this figure, and was like, “We want to delve more into the rich world of this woman with a big sword and no clothes”.

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