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Nintendo 3DS follows every step you take, every game you play (it will be watching you)

One neat feature about the Nintendo 3DS I haven’t heard talked about much is its built-in Activity Log software.

While you’re carrying around a 3DS, the portable tracks every foot step you take, presumably through its built-in accelerometer and gyroscope. It’s like Nintendo’s Personal Trainer: Walking software, but the pedometer is built in!

It’s unclear yet if Activity Log will have all the features of PT: Walking, like allowing you to set goals or upload your records online, but it will display graphs for your walks.

The software also tracks how long you’ve played your games, which I guess could be somewhat useful for titles that don’t already record this. Perhaps the portable does something interesting with this data?

If anything, Activity Log is another incentive to carry your 3DS around — that’s Nintendo’s goal with its “StreetPass” feature, its system-wide Tag mode allowing you to passively exchange data with other 3DSes for multiple games (even those not in your system at the moment).

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