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It’s been a long time coming, but a group of fans have released a fully translated English patch for Konami’s 2009 dating/girlfriend sim Love Plus. Now those of you who’ve saved yourselves for the right virtual girl have three to pick from on your Nintendo DS.

The patch still looks incomplete, or at least not totally polished, as it’s a v0.9 release, but everything is in English with the exception of some graphics, which is no small undertaking for this text-heavy game. All you need to run it on your portable is a digital copy of the game (legally acquired, we hope), the patch, and a homebrew device.

For those of you wondering about the game’s 2010 sequel, Love Plus+, the team says it “might consider” working on that later. With 3DS homebrew/hacking still impossible, as far as I know, a translation project for the upcoming New Love Plus won’t happen for a while if ever.

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