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Ugomemo Hatena introduces Plus service

Ugomemo Hatena, the YouTube-like site for animations created by users with the DSi’s free Flip Notebook (Moving Memo Pad) software, announced a new premium service promising extra features.

For a monthly charge of 280 Hatena points (I assume 100 points equals ¥100 or $1.02), Ugomemo Hatena Plus subscribers can draw comments or leave text comments in different colors, access viewer analysis and chart data for their animations, display a “Plus” badge on their profile page, keep letters indefinitely instead of for 30 days, and have unlimited favorite authors instead of only 200.

To encourage users to try the service out, Ugomemo Hatena is offering a free month of Plus. It’s likely Hatena will offer this here when Flip Notebook and the site’s North American equivalent launches stateside this summer, as it already has an upgrade option written in English on every user’s account settings page.

I’m all for it, as it doesn’t detract from the animation hub’s current offerings, and Hatena has to figure out some way to make money off a site as expensive to maintain as this. I’d hate to see this service discontinued after a year like Super Smash Bros. Brawl user-generated content uploads.

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