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Characters you won’t find in Scribblenauts

Though you can summon tens of thousands of objects, creatures, and characters in Scribblenauts, the game won’t feature copyrighted properties like, say, Little Mac or Samus. But that hasn’t stopped NeoGAF forumers from drawing popular video game figures and celebrities using the 5th Cell title’s unique art style:

SpacePirate Ridley drew the characters in this piece, all taken from Nintendo games (except for Tiny, who I dropped in to fill a blank area, and Maxwell).

He illustrated these two from Capcom’s Phoenix Wright series, too. Notice the objection pose, sans pointing finger:

And Tobias and Simon from TV/anime shows Arrested Development and Gurren-Lagann, respectively:

How great would it be to conjure a pair of denim cut-off shorts by inputting “Never Nude” into the game? I’ll post more of these Scribblenaut-ized characters shortly…

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[Via SpacePirate Ridley]

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