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3DS’s Join Game feature in action. Even though Super Mario 3D Land introduced the firmware update that added this “Join Game” option to the Friends List, the first game to support it is actually Mario Kart 7 — here’s a brief demonstration of how it works.

If you want to jump into your friends’ Mario Kart 7 game, it will only work if they are already in its online mode and have started a race. Obviously, you will need to have your copy of the cart inserted, but you don’t need to load the game yourself, as when you hit “Join Game”, it will boot up Mario Kart 7. If you already have the game open, I believe it will actually restart the software.

What you won’t see in this brief clip (sorry, I can’t upload anything longer) is that once you’ve connected online, you’l have to wait if a race is already in session. You can watch a live feed of the match, which is neat.

Another thing you won’t see in this video is how Joystiq’s Griffin Mcelroy and JC Fletcher (also a Tiny Cartridge dude) destroyed me in Koopa Troopa Beach.

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