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Fantasy Life: 2D/3D screenshot comparison

Level-5 announced several titles for the Nintendo 3DS last night: Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, Time Travelers, and Cabaret Girls (hostess training game), which bodes well for the upcoming portable.

The publisher also revealed that its Fantasy Life RPG will now release for the 3DS instead of the standard DS. With this platform switch, a new 3D look will replace the top-down, 8-bit-style Brownie Brown has been known for lately (e.g. Mother 3, A Kappa’s Trail).

I’m sure many would have preferred the old presentation, but this seems to better resemble the concept art Level-5 had previously shown for Fantasy Life:

The game will ship in Japan next year, and it will feature art by renown Final Fantasy illustrator Yoshitaka Amano and music by composer Nobuo Uematsu.

More art and 3D screenshots from Fantasy Life:

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[Via Andriasang, Duckroll]

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