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The embarrassment continues for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, maybe, kind of. While Capcom published the GTA games up to IV in Japan, the duties for the DS game (releasing this fall) have gone to Cyberfront, who is… not Capcom. It certainly seems like a slight to me that previous GTAs would be published by one of the biggest names in Japan, and Chinatown Wars would be published by the company behind a game about dogs going to work.

Although Cyberfront also published GTA IV on PC, and Civilization Revolution, so it’s probably more like a new publishing agreement between Take-Two and Cyberfront and less of a snub to Chinatown Wars. And Cyberfront doesn’t actually seem as small as I made them sound — they’ve at least got the Evangelion license.

But I’m not going to let any of that get in the way of my blogging! Hur hur hur Capcom hates Chinatown Wars.

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