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Fake Dragon Quest IX ROM bricking DSes

You should know well enough not to pirate games, but if you plan to make an exception for Dragon Quest IX, don’t! A currently circulated ROM for the much-anticipated RPG labeled “Dragon Quest IX JPN DSi Enhanced NDS iND” could be hazardous to your portable’s health.

Released just a week before the actual game hits stores in Japan, this fake ROM will appear as a hentai slideshow when run it in an emulator. Loading it from a flashcart onto your Nintendo DS, however, will execute code that could potentially overwrite your system’s firmware and prevent it from properly booting up.

The disguised ROM, DS Owata, is similar to the r0mloader and DS Taihen apps from several years ago. Stay away from it, kids.

Preoder import: Dragon Quest IX

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[Via DS Scene]

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