Tiny Cartridge 3DS

First look at an updated Virtual Console/NES game for 3DS. Nintendo is rolling out updates for the NES titles released via the 3DS Ambassador Program, starting with the original Legend of Zelda in Japan (the game also appeared as the first NES VC title in Japan’s eShop).

You’ll see here that instead of the bland, boxy icon in the menu, you get a scene of the game’s original system and a TV showing its title screen. There’s also a digital manual attached now, as well as the ability to create and load restore points (by hitting X+Y in the game), as you can in other portable Virtual Console titles.

In the U.S. eShop today, we get Mighty Switch Force, Tetris (Game Boy), Doodle Fit, Rytmik Retrobits, and Chronicles of Vampires: Origins. Um, where’s SwapNote?

[Update: SwapNote is on the eShop right now for free!]

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