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New DSi 1.4 firmware update blocks flashcarts, adds Facebook support

Nintendo has rolled out a Nintendo DSi firmware update in Japan, Europe, and Australia that will frustrate pirates and homebrewers alike, as it blocks all DSi-compatible flashcarts such as Acekard 2i and DSTTi.

While I’m not taken aback that Nintendo’s thwarting these unauthorized devices — I presumed this is the primary reason behind the the system’s PSP-style update capabilities — I’m surprised it took the company so long to implement this countermeasure, seven months since the first DSi-compatible flashcart was announced.

A couple carts like the M3i Zero and Supercard DSONEi were designed with this scenario in mind and support their own firmware updates via USB dongles, but it’s still unknown whether their manufacturers can develop a workaround for this security update.

To give you an idea of how long it could take for them to circumvent the new anti-piracy protection, keep in mind that the first DSi-compatible flashcart was announced one month after the handheld was launched in Japan.

Naturally, current DSi owners can choose not to download or install the 1.4 update and still use flashcarts, but this could prevent them from playing future DSiWare and DSi-enhanced releases with the portable.

Other changes with the 1.4 firmware update: support for uploading DSi photos directly to Facebook and faster image display speeds with DSi Camera.

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