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3DS stand bundled with Kid Icarus: Uprising in Japan.

Along with its support for the Circle Pad Pro/Frankenstick add-on (which appears to only be for left-handed play, not necessarily for a dual-stick control option that replaces the analog pad/touchscreen setup), this game will have a stand to improve its play experience.

I presume it’s to keep your portable still while you hold it with one hand and tap on the touchscreen, so the stereoscopic 3D effect isn’t broken? Or to make sure the system doesn’t put too much strain on your wrist, since you’ll be holding it with one hand? It seems like dual-stick support with Circle Pad Pro would have fixed this…

Whatever the reason, it just increases my worry over Kid Icarus: Uprising, which I’ve already had doubts about given the unfavorable preview impressions I’ve heard.

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