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We’re making history here, okay. This has never ever been done.

Jedward discussing their Dragon Quest IX outfits. Don’t front, you know you’re dying to hear more about Jedward’s DQIX promotional event in the UK last weekend.

The Irish pop duo came out with their hair dyed wild colors, wearing colored contacts and DQ attire:

Apparently, the idea was to dress up as their Dragon Quest avatars. The fellow in the stylish Swinedimples slacks claims he has a level 23 character, while the tosser on the right has a pitiful level 15 hero. They don’t mention what classes their characters are, but I suspect that if we were to check Jedward’s DSes, we’d find that they’ve somehow been playing as two Teeny Sanguinis the entire time.

Here’s a video of the two coming on stage, followed by an interview in which the twins stroke each others’ mohawks, fix each others’ contact lenses, and feign excitement over receiving a couple drab FirstNews shirts.

At some point, no lie, one of the brothers declares, “It’s so small, you can fit it in your mouth”.

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[Via Girls Gamer UK]

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