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Old Golden Sun commercial finally makes sense thanks to Dark Dawn

Back in 2001 when Nintendo released the first Golden Sun for GBA, the company produced this neat commercial that seemingly had nothing to do with the game.

Check out some of the insane explanations Youtube commenters came up with to justify the commercial:

"It’s just showing the maestro controlling the orchestra in a epic battle like we control the players in the game thus explaining ‘role-playing’, as Golden Sun was one of the first RPGs on the GBA system."

"The commercial is supposed to be describing how culture (a mainstay of RPGs) is more advanced with the GBA… and uses the Nintendo high end RPG for the system as a simple plug for the game."

Developer Camelot Software Planning must have either loved the ad or wanted to somehow clear up all the confusion from almost a decade ago, as it’s paid homage to the commercial in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn with a Crystal Dragon summon and a similar opera house scene:

Speaking of old Golden Sun stuff, remember that 2007 hoax about Golden Sun: The Solar Soothsayer? Our own JC Fletcher recently interviewed Camelot’s Hiroyuki Takahashi and asked what they thought about the made-up title — he’d never heard of it but wants to play it anyway:

The Solar Soothsayer sounds really cool. I wonder how the story would go … I want to see how it would turn out!

I really love the gameplay and storyline of the Golden Sun series, so it’s natural for us as developers and fans to be curious about how it would feel to play a game in the series without having spent years making it.”

Maybe in 2019, when the next Golden Sun releases for the 4DS Lite, Solar Soothsayer will somehow make a cameo.

Preorder: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (November 29th)

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