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Ayo Technology: Digital girls, real dates

Trading amorous glances across a coffee room table is no longer a privilege reserved for traditional couples, or even for untraditional pairing with a body-pillow girlfriend.

Several Japanese gamers are getting the most out of Love Plus, Konami’s recently released girlfriend simulator for the DS, and taking their virtual girlfriends on real dates — yet another advantage of the console’s portability.

This gamer, for example, enjoyed a walk with his girl:

While this one prefers to take his out on romantic late night drives (they’re stopped for some reason…):

This casanova impressed his date by bringing her to Wendy’s, where they shared an order of chili fries:

Now this guy knows how to treat a (virtual) lady to dinner:

And this sports fan brought his girl to a baseball game:

How do you split five nuggets between four people?

Import: Love Plus

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