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Dreamcast stuff we should have posted two days ago

You probably heard that this Wednesday was the tenth anniversary of the US launch of the Dreamcast. It would appear that Eric and I didn’t hear that, judging by our total failure to post anything Dreamcast-related on the site, but the truth is we were too busy playing Dreamcast 2 to notice. I had no desire to lose my place on the Seaman Universe leaderboards because I was off blogging.

So here’s some stuff we would have posted, had we not been extremely busy with Chu Chu Chu Chu Rocket:

  • A link to Mister Raroo’s wonderful Dreamcast column, in which he compares his life now to his life at the Dreamcast launch.
  • The feature in which I got Joystiq coworkers to share Dreamcast anecdotes, much like we did for the Genesis. One of our writers is in a Dreamcast game.
  • The final Segata Sanshiro commercial, in which the heroic Sega mascot saves the Dreamcast launch.

  • "Error Enka," a song hidden on the Segagaga disc that plays when you put the game into a CD player. The song is mostly about how the disc won’t work in a CD player, and about thanking the game’s staff.

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