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The other holiday we missed this week

The other notable date we neglected to honor this week was late developer Gunpei Yokoi’s birthday, one of the most influential and talented names in the business, the best of the best, the D-pad don, the O.G. to this rap shit — all that. He would have turned 68 yesterday.

Without him, we would not have the Game Boy, nor a Tiny Cartridge. Rather than list his numerous accomplishments, I’ll share this video collecting Mr. Yokoi’s work:

The clip also provides a brief glimpse of the mysterious Groove Raider, who, despite not being a games industry powerhouse himself, has somehow managed to exchange handshakes with nearly every notable Nintendo figure. He’s like the company’s Cigarette Smoking Man — some even whisper that he was the architect behind Mr. Yokoi’s assassination in 1997*.

Anyway, pour out a little liquor for Gunpei Yokoi this weekend.

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*This is absolutely untrue.

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