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People are forming Kid Icarus clans …

If you see JC and I online in Kid Icarus: Uprising, more often than not, we are destroying folks in Light vs. Dark, just straight up laying dudes out like ceramic tile.

Never mind that those dudes are actually AI bots with embarrassingly low difficulty settings — it’s just win after win after win, all day every day. It got to the point where we were like, “We need to take this show on the road.” 

Making a clan to take on rival teams in Kid Icarus: Uprising, though, is a ridiculous notion. How would that even work? The limited online multiplayer options really aren’t conducive for doing anything with a set group.

A quick scan of GameFAQS, however, show that people are making clans. How are these guys organizing matches? Are there people out there actually playing Light vs. Dark while on Skype and Ventrilo? What is the deal, y’all.

Just as ridiculous as the notion of clans in Kid Icarus: Uprising are the names for these groups I’ve seen:

  • Valiant Warriors
  • Power Knights
  • Midnight Knights
  • Skyward Omega Knights
  • Knights of Skyworld
  • SkyKings

Oh god, and the forum thread title for this one:

"The clan hiding in the shadows is now nown to existence: The Fallen Angels."

Apparently that group coordinates their clan operations through Swapnote… Again, what is the deal, y’all.

Anyway, we’re not quite yet ready to come out of the shadows and make our clan nown to existence, but I can reveal the two names we’re considering for our elite team: “SkyLords of Buttropolis” or “Garfield and Friends.”

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