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[We worked on Scribblenauts for] a year and three months, which is crazy. That’s probably the only thing I don’t like about 5th Cell’s development. It’s just how it is. That’s the way it is. We’re competing against companies like Square Enix and Nintendo, triple-A products.

People hold us to the same standard, which I’m totally fine with — I want them to hold us to that standard. But they get three years, and I get one year. That’s the big difference. I feel like a boxer with one hand tied between my back.

I can make incredible stuff in three years, you know. I made Scribblenauts in one year. What could I make in three years with their budget? That’s just how it is. That’s just what you have to deal with.

Another excerpt from 5th Cell creative director Jeremiah Slaczka’s interview with Gamasutra. This bit was stuck in between details about the studio taking a break from the DS for the next year and working on an XBLA game.

How would Scribblenauts have turned out with another year or two of development put into it? Imagine how Contact, Puzzle Quest, Barnyard Blast, and other flawed DS titles would’ve played given additional time to cook.

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