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Reports are coming in from the new Nintendo Power, stating that Wayforward’s rad 3DS eShop puzzle platformer Mighty Switch Force will see five new levels added soon as a free update — thanks to 3DS’s support for patches/updates that should come tomorrow.

The same issue also outs an “upgraded” version of Cave Story for eShop, which, if I’m reading correctly, is like the DSiWare version (the non-polygonal one) with widescreen, 3D, and the extra modes from other versions of the game, like Curly, WInd Fortress, and more. 

Apparently, this version will lead to the removal of the DSiWare version from 3DS’s eShop, too (but not from the DSi Shop). Nicalis has a ton of stuff going on right now…

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[Via NeoGAF; image by Tachi Jiro]

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