Tiny Cartridge 3DS

Picture AeroBiz, just with a clothing boutique. Picture the C64 classic Lemonade, only with 10,000 different ways to create beverages and individual customers with unique tastes and repeat business.

Picture the clothing trend aspect of The World Ends With You crossed with Taloon’s chapter from Dragon Warrior IV. Picture a hard-core business simulator mixed with a puzzle game and then aimed at tween girls.

A compelling argument for Style Savvy (or Style Boutique in Europe and Girls Mode in Japan). Believe it or not, I’ve heard positive things about this fashion/shop simulator, which releases this week. Those favorable words, however, were likely colored by the glazed eyes of gamers infatuated with any slightly odd title out of Japan — a sentiment I’m sure you’re familiar with, reading this site.

It will take more than comparisons to Taloon’s store from Dragon Quest IV to convince hardcore RPG fans to bring a box that looks like this to the counter, though:

Still, I’m curious to hear how the Taloon comparison holds up — are you a bad enough dude to purchase Style Savvy, pick out (virtual) women’s clothes, and dress your customers? If so, let us know if the game’s just as fun as playing an arms merchant in Dragon Quest IV.

Buy: Style Savvy

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