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Ninja Senki, an upcoming Game Boy Color-styled indie game featuring “a blue ninja, shurikens and revenge!” Also, Tanooki testicles. So, yeah, watch out for that.

Jonathan Lavigne, an artist/coder at Ubisoft Montreal, is working on this curious personal project. His commercial contributions include TMNT for GBA (the only worthwhile TMNT game in recent memory), Open Season for GBA (which has some fucking gorgeous pixel art), and the Scott Pilgrim game currently in development. Impressive!

Though Ninja Senki is “pretty much feature complete”, Lavigne says he needs to add new levels and enemies, as well as debug and polish the game. He hopes to finish and put out the title before Christmas but doesn’t specify for what platform — I presume PC, but perhaps if we’re on our best behavior, he’ll also release this throwback platformer as a GBA or GBC ROM. I’d love to see something this cute and bloody on an old handheld!

Lavigne’s also developing a fantasy-themed Breakout game that looks like the god damn cat’s galoshes:

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