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Some dude married his Love Plus girlfriend

Just when you think enough time has passed for gamers to get over the novelty of Love Plus and move on to a more normal experience, some damn fool announces he’s wed Nene, one of the dating sim’s three virtual girlfriends.

The otaku brought his DS and a copy of the game to a chapel in Guam (I wonder if it’s the same guy we featured two weeks ago?), where he took Nene Anegasaki’s hand in marriage. The newlyweds plan to hold a reception in Japan, and have invited the media to attend and view slides from their wedding and courtship.

Local video streaming site NicoNico Douga plans to broadcast the November 22nd event live, starting around 12:00, so clear your evening schedule for that. There’s no word yet on whether the couple has consummated the marriage, but I suppose we’ll find out when we see the condition of the husband’s Nintendo DS.

Import Your Own Future Wife: Love Plus

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[Via @fort90, Gizmodo.jp]

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