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Japanese Scribblenauts commercial. Forgive me — it’s about a week old, but I hadn’t seen this yet, and I think it’s interesting. Ever since Konami announced that it would publish 5th Cell’s puzzle game in Japan, I’ve been curious about how it would handle text input, and now thanks to this trailer I know.

Luckily, kanji knowledge isn’t required to play Hirameki Puzzle Maxwell no Fushigi na Note (that’s the Japanese title): it deals only in the hiragana and katakana syllabaries and our alphabet, all accessible either through handwriting input or virtual keyboards.

I… think this trailer also offers the debut of Maxwell’s voice! Speaking Japanese!

Finally, here’s the Japanese boxart, which is adorable:

Buy: Super Scribblenauts ($19.96!)

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[Via Inside-Games, GoNintendo]

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