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More than a decade after the Game Boy Color title’s release in Japan, someone has completed a fan translation for Pokemon TCG 2: The Invasion of Team GR.

For those who played the original, which did release in the U.S. back in 2000, there are a few notable additions in this follow-up from Hudson Soft according to Wikipedia:

"It includes new enhancements such as the ability to play as a female character named Mint, a training mode to help new players, a Deck Diagnosis to rate the effectiveness of a player’s deck, and a new group of antagonists known as Team Great Rocket.

The game features all cards from the original game, along with new cards from the fourth set, Team Rocket, as well as cards originally exclusive to Japanese vending machines and the Pokémon TCG Instructional Video Intro Pack, bringing the total number of cards to 445.”

I wouldn’t go in expecting a grade A translation here, as Artemis251 admits to using “online translators and context clue ad-libbing” for his patch, but it’s possible that might not be a big problem with a game like this.

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