Tiny Cartridge 3DS

Video of the Nintendo 3DS purportedly stolen from a Chinese assembly line. It’s a bit frustrating because the clip ends right after he boots the portable, and you don’t get to see anything other than the initial debug screens.

Earlier this morning, I commented that we haven’t learned much from the smuggled system, but that’s untrue! This non-final unit reveals:

  • a 1300 mAh battery (compared to the 1050 mAh battery in DSi XL, 840 mAh in standard DSi, 1000 mAh in DS Lite, and 850mAh in the DS Phat)
  • 96MB of RAM (possibly a portion made available to developers from a 128MB chip)

To put that last number into context, here are some RAM counts for other handhelds and consoles:

  • DS - 4MB
  • DSi - 16MB 
  • PS2 - 32MB 
  • PSP-1000 - 32MB
  • GameCube- 24+16MB 
  • PSP-2000 - 64MB 
  • Xbox 64MB - (CPU, GPU) 
  • Wii - 88MB 
  • 3DS - 96MB
  • PS3 - 256MB 
  • 360 - 512MB(CPU, GPU)

If you watch the reflection on the 3DS’s screen, you’ll notice a look of surprise from the guy filming the video right before the clip ends, as he notices the strange red dots that have suddenly painted his body.

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