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Nintendo 3DS screenshots, Ocarina of Time 3D comparisons, boxarts, and more

Before you jump past the break to see the dozens of 3DS images we collected just for you, please check out our Nintendo World 2011 posts from late last night. We have a lot of items most other sites are missing, and check out the media we added to them this morning:

Now some new screenshots/comparisons!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS (watermarked) and N64 screenshot comparisons:

Kid Icarus: Uprising screenshots:

Samurai Warriors Chronicle screenshot:

PilotWings Resort screenshots:

Dead or Alive Dimensions screenshots:

Steel Diver screenshots:

Nintendogs + Cats screenshots:

And Japanese boxarts and prices!:

Man, that Layton cover is odd. We’ll update this post as more Nintendo 3DS screenshots come out!

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