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Meteor Night becoming three AGBIC games!

Meteor Night, the fake game by us and Ashley Davis made for My Famicase Exhibition 2011, is the inspiration for three separate entries in the "A Game By Its Cover" indie development competition -– probably because we kind of actively lobbied for people to use it. 

All three ideas sound amazing!

Berareu’s version:

"My gameplay idea is that the sky is unfortunately completely starless, so the player has to collect all the stars, meteors and all that (sounds a bit like Mario…nah!) to recreate the sky!

So there are two modes, one where you have to collect stars and the other where you can watch the sky like the original idea.

Everytime you collect a star it will be added in the sky and you can show it to your friends and/or a date! Imagine, you complete the sky, watch it with your girlfriend/date/whatever and then you can say ‘Look, I made this sky, just for you!’ I know, sounds a bit stupid but whatever.”

Some early art from this one:

Steev16's idea:

"I have a few ideas floating around on possible gameplay, but I think I am going to try and make the game as if someone was taking photographs of a starry summer night. The player will have a set number of photographs to take, and their photos will be given a score depending on the number of meteors, centering, focus, etc. I plan to make it a laid-back game, with slow music, soft visuals, and calming sound effects. I want it to be something you would want to curl up on the couch playing."

And gold_ninja’s:

"You and your loved one sit watching the stars on a hill somewhere. Your loved one is getting pretty sleepy in the warm summer air, so when a shooting star darts across the sky you must wake your loved one so that they might catch a glimpse of it. Doing so gains you a heart, gain enough hearts and you win both their affection and The Game!!

I will also include an ‘attract mode’ where no interaction is required and the game idly plays itself.”

There’s even a gameplay screen (with the original cartridge art as a placeholder):

So I’m in danger of getting too mushy here, but I’m completely overwhelmed by the thought that something we had a hand in is inspiring people to make beautiful games. Seeing our fake game becoming three real games is even more heartwarming than I expected. There were a few real tears. I love our readers.

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