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As a rule, I don’t buy collector’s editions, as I don’t usually think a big case with an artbook in it is worth the extra money and space, but GameStop is going to sell a collector’s edition of both the DS and 3DS versions of Adventure Time: Hey Ice King, Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?, and it sounds like something that might need to live inside of my house.

Here’s the list of included bonuses, according to GameStop:

  • Collectable SteelBook packaging with artwork of the Enchiridion - no printing on the outside of the package!
  • The Enchiridion is a Hero’s Handbook’ carried by Finn
  • Custom stylus of Finn’s Gold Sword
  • Exclusive art book with Pen’s drawings and activity book (content TBD)
  • Fold out poster of the Land of Ooo
  • Full version of Adventure Time game

Finn’s sword stylus! Land of Ooo poster! Enchiridion! The actual game! These are all things I’d like to possess.

Check out a few more screens of AT:HIKWYSOG at Nintendo 3DS Blog. I haven’t figured out where they came from yet…

Preorder: Adventure Time for DS and 3DS 
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[Via Nintendo 3DS Blog]

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