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Super Street Fighter IV 3D online features mention dreaded friend codes

This week’s issue of Famitsu offers an outline of Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition online features, including options to immediately play against random opponents, use “custom match” parameters to search for others with the same settings, or duke it out with a friend.

On that last option, the Japanese magazine refers to a buddy list that you manage with friend codes — it doesn’t clarify if these are universal friend codes (used across all of a 3DS owner’s games) or game-specific friend codes, but many are already presuming it’s the latter.

The worst-case scenario here, and sadly the most likely one, is Nintendo hasn’t learned anything from the complaints about its clumsy friend codes, which has hampered online play with its systems for years.

We don’t know if that’s how things will turn out, though (we’ll probably learn more at the company’s January 19 press event). So, until then, we’ll reserve our forum outrage, facepalm JPGs, and Hitler reaction videos.

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