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Hachi Koi cancelled, Kurumi’s heart broken

Disaster! This week’s issue of Famitsu reports that Hachi Koi, the Nintendo DS dating sim from Electronic Arts Japan of all people, will not release next year or ever. Could this be a victim of EA’s decision to focus less on new IP, emphasizing established franchises instead? Probably not! My guess is this just wasn’t a very good game.

The game’s primary gimmick, “touch events” that allowed you to grope female students (e.g. suntan lotion rubbing minigames) already feels antiquated, thanks to three Doki Doki Majo games and their male equivalent Duel Love.

Hachi Koi's other gimmick is more interesting — one of the game's love interests, Kasugaoka Kurumi, is a full-figured girl, a rarity in most dating sims. In fact, developer Game Jouhou seemingly designed interactions with her to appeal to feeder fetishists, and at least one piece of official artwork hinted at a sequence bondage fans would appreciate:

None of that matters now, though. With Hachi Koi cancelled, all we’ll have to remember Kurumi by is the vulgar Tetris chocolate minigame that was posted online a few months ago (play it now before the site’s taken down!) and the lewd fan-drawn images you’ll find when searching her name on Google Images with Japanese characters.

See also: Hachi Koi’s trailer, Love Hina similarities, and gameplay clip (this was funnier before Warner Music Group removed the accompanying audio of Frank Sinatra singing “Girl From Ipanema”)

[Via Andriasang]

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