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Nintendo makes social responsibility fun

I usually ignore Nintendo’s corporate social responsibility reports — an annual accounting of the company’s efforts to improve the lives of its employees and everyone else in the world — but this year’s report is quite charming!

The report covers a number of initiatives, like promoting environment policies, raising awareness of responsible pet care, encouraging kids to interact with nature using its 3D Pictorial Guide to Flora and Fauna software, etc.

But the fun graphics were what caught my attention:

Check out Lakitu keeping an eye out for human rights violations! And Yoshi making sure Nintendo takes care of the environment. Sony’s CSR site and Apple’s supplier reports don’t look nearly as fun or cheerful, though I suppose they don’t have the benefit of having colorful video game characters as the faces of their companies.

Just to contrast (nothing against the company), Apple’s report is full of factory workers with serious faces:

Nintendo brightens up the depressing task of making sure that your production partners aren’t abusing their workers, by bringing smiling Miis to factory inspections:

Who knows, though, maybe that last Mii suddenly turns into an Onitore-style demon if people are absent.

Nintendo offers health management classes (yoga, Zumba, spinal exercises, etc.) to its employees. Here’s Donkey Kong helping workers out with their front planks!:

Mario on Children’s Rights Hotline posters:

Mario on the company’s Crisis Management Manual:

I bet Nintendo collectors would love to get their hands on that guide, along with the company’s Code of Conduct and Compliance manuals that offer pro-tips for “the Nintendo Standards of Behavior,” preventing sexual harassment or other kinds of harassment, and more.

Anyway, I guess the point is that, like a child, I would read more about companies’ CSR activities if their publications were full of game characters, too. Nintendo’s Corporate Social Responsibility report for 2012 is available here.

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