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First images from Ace Attorney 5, scanned from the latest issue of Famitsu — Phoenix Wright doesn’t just have a new partner, he’s sportin’ a new vest!

Andriasang has translated details from the issue:

Ace Attorney 5 is set one year after the events of Ace Attorney 4 and sees Phoenix Wright return to being a lawyer. The game’s first chapter involves an explosion at the courthouse. The charged is a high school girl named Shinobu. She’s very weak and can go into spasms at any moment. In the courtroom, Wright will face off against Winston Payne’s brother.

Like Layton vs Ace Attorney, the game will have fully 3D characters. It appears that you’ll be able to select to give certain facial expressions during testimony, as there are facial expression icons on the lower screen.”

Series creator Shu Takumi (also the director behing Ghost Trick) is reportedly not working on the title, as he’s busy with Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney.

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