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More eShop news: Ikachan, Mutant Mudds

eShop is hella busy today! Even more cool 3DS download related stuff has been revealed today, including a 3DS native version of Pixel’s still-upcoming DSiWare game Ikachan. It’s the same as the DSiWare version, but designed to run in the 3DS’s native resolution.

"So after seeing how Cave Story turned out with pixel-perfect art AND the 3D stereo effect, I thought we should do the same for Ikachan," Nicalis said on its blog. “That way, both DSi players and 3DS players can both enjoy a native experience.”

In addition, the update for the 3DS Mutant Mudds to add the 20 new levels from the PC version is coming to Europe October 18 and North America October 25. It’s free!

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