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Here’s how Wii U accounts — or Nintendo Network IDs — will work when the console launches in just a couple weeks. Nothing too surprising here, but it’s nice to see this all finally outlined for those curious about the accounts.

The note at the end of the video about Wii U owners needing to download a Network Update on launch day to enable online services sounds worrisome — all those launch day buyers trying to grab the update at the same time sounds like a recipe for trouble.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata recorded a couple more clips that were streamed to Japanese viewers this morning, covering the video chat function and showing an unboxing, which you can watch after the break:

Unboxing Wii U

Wii U Chat with Reggie

For more details on what was discussed about Wii U in this morning’s Nintendo Direct, check out this round-up of info about Miiverse and New Super Mario Bros U.

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