Tiny Cartridge 3DS

Kickstarter pitch for the LA Game Space, a new project proposed by Attract Mode members Adam Robezzoli and Daniel Rehn. The space is intended to host artist residencies for game creators, along with galleries, presentations, workshops, and “game research labs” for live gameplay data.

Even if you’re not in LA, there are some pretty compelling reasons to check out the Kickstarter. Rewards start (!) with a pack of 30 experimental/prototype games from well-known indies, including a new collaboration between QWOP developer Bennett Foddy and Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward; more expensive bonuses include t-shirts, prints, and, at the higher levels, and custom portraits by artists like Army of Trolls, Vic Nguyen, Adam Saltsman, and Paul Robertson!

If you kick in $5,000, you will be made into a character in Runner2. I… can’t afford that.

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