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Korea’s eShop is better than ours

Nintendo has found a clever way to make up for the slim list of 3DS titles that are translated and release for Korea — it’s going to just release Japanese and Western games un-localized as downloadable titles on the eShop.

The games will essentially act as downloadable imports, and they’ll likely be cheaper than importing physical copies, what with the strong yen and shipping fees.

Nintendo has flirted with downloadable imports in North America before on Wii’s Virtual Console, but I doubt it will carry over this Korean eShop practice to Western stores. Still, it’s nice to see Nintendo experiment like this, and who knows, maybe the initiative will be successful enough that someone in the U.S. office will notice.

Speaking of the eShop…

Nintendo showed off this first look of what the online store will look like on Wii U! According to initial reports, you can open and view Wii U’s eShop while you’re running other software — an improvement on the 3DS eShop!

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[Via Siliconera, NWR]

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