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Why Nintendo waited so long to ramp up its Wii U marketing and commercials

The Wii U launches in less than a week, but we’re just now starting to see commercials for it in North America. You’d think Nintendo would have blitzed us with a couple months worth of Wii U ads to build up demand!

So why does it seem like Nintendo is late with its Wii U promotions? According to the company’s marketing EVP Scott Moffitt — no relation to Canadian pop group The Moffatts despite their somewhat similar names, as far as I can tell — part of it is that non-hardcore games/systems don’t need as much advertising ahead of launch.

Another big reason was the presidential election! Not only was everyone’s attention on who was going to run this piece, Super PACs and the candidates’ campaigns gobbled up all the ad slots, leaving few opportunities for companies to buy some time for their commercials. And due to limited availability, those slots were too expensive.

Nintendo was able to make up for some of those lost advertising opportunities with its own presidential campaign, though — it has been posting plenty of Wii U videos and interviews with company boss Satoru Iwata demonstrating the console in the meantime.

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[Via VentureBeat, Image via Dakucha]

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