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Shin Megami Tensei IV's protagonist, characters, and more. The fellow in the top images is the 3DS game's hero, who you'll get to name (if this releases in the U.S.).

Siliconera has translated details from Famitsu’s article on the game, and posted this info about the setting:

SMT IV is set in East Mikado, a country that draws from medieval Europe, but has samurai instead of knights. SMT IV takes place in 1492 where East Mikado is protected by walls that cover that perimeter. Higher walls in the center of the city shield the castle and King Ahaziah Mikado.

… The protagonist is an 18-year-old male. He has a revelation in a dream that his choices will shape the world. When he wakes up he completes the Gauntlet Ritual and becomes a samurai. In SMT IV, samurai hunt demons in secret. Only a few people know demons exist.”

The game releases in Japan early next year.

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