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New 3D Movie Channel, musical performance from Nintendo World added to the 3DS via a system update.

Less than a week after the system’s launch in Japan, Nintendo  has updated the firmware for the 3DS with some minor changes (e.g. shuffling around icons, WiFi bugfixes, etc.), and a quaint 3D clip of Koji Kondo and friends.

Full changelog translated by Andriasang:

  • General system stability update
  • Update to SpotPass: expansion of data retrieval for things like the notice list
  • Bug fix for Network functionality: the system had previously been unable to receive data from some hot spots and Nintendo Zones.
  • Addition of Music Live 3D Video: Adds Super Mario Bros. theme featuring Koji Kondo on piano.

There’s no word yet on whether this update affects those flashcarts that have managed to work on the 3DS, but I doubt it since the firmware for those devices haven’t been made public yet. Still, we’ll update this post if we hear anything! Also, the update is not mandatory/automatic, so 3DS owners could choose not to install it.

[Update: Flashcart makers report that their workarounds continue to work after installing the update.]

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