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The official Nintendo Direct gesture. You may have seen Satoru Iwata put both hands in front of his face and point outward with them this morning, in the NSMB2 “Nintendo Direct Mini,” when saying the word “Direct.”

I did, and it reminded me of a similar gesture made by Bill Trinen in the WaraWara Plaza/Miiverse Direct video, emphasizing the same word. It shows up in Japanese Nintendo Direct videos as well, on the word “chokusetsu,” which is, of course, translated to “direct.” Even when Iwata isn’t really there to do it!

While the gesture doesn’t appear in every Nintendo Direct, it’s in the majority of Japanese presentations, including… the very first one. Reggie kind of does it too, but I think he just makes that gesture a lot.

Do let me know if you happen to be watching an old Nintendo Direct and you see the Nintendo Direct Gesture from Reggie or from Satoru Shibata! Let’s crack this secret society wide open.

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