Tiny Cartridge 3DS

Nintendo 3DS development hardware, including the Partner-CTR Debugger, silver/black 3DS with red accents, and CTR Flash Card 16Gbit — all essentials for creating your own 3DS games. I’m unsure which developer or publisher NWR got permission from to take these photos, but it probably wasn’t D3 Publisher!

Planet 3DS posted rumored prices for this Kyoto Microcomputer-created equipment last month:

  • Partner-CTR Debugger – $2,620
  • Partner-CTR Debugger/Capture – $3,905
  • Nintendo 3DS (Development only) “Panda” – $324
  • Flash Card, 16 Gbits CTR – $85
  • Backup Memory, 1Mbit Flash CTR – $8.35
  • Backup Memory, 4Mbits Flash CTR – $8.65

You can find info on becoming a licensed developer and buying some 3DS dev equipment at this site.

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[Via Planet3DS, Nintendo World Report]

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