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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy hits iPhone, iPad today

No big surprise here, the beloved 3DS rhythm game is out for iOS devices today (New Zealand shop, U.S. link incoming). Also unsurprising: in-app purchases are insane in the membrane, crazy insane, got no brain.

The app is free to download with two songs (“One Winged Angel” and “Zanarkand”), but then you’ll spend $0.99 on each song, $2.99 on each song bundle for the numbered Final Fantasy games, and $1.99 on each character. Buying all of the content will set you back around $90. Oh, and this mobile edition lacks the EMS feature that lets you play extended versions for a number of songs.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for 3DS is currently $30 at Amazon (includes around 80 songs, more available as DLC).

  • Source neogaf.com

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