Tiny Cartridge 3DS

"Running in Dreams", a very Japanese and flat-out killer 8-bit dance track from the drummer of Anamanaguchi, the man who calls himself Knife City. He’s also the guy you see dancing around, and simply says: "Sorry there aren’t five of me!" As are the rest of us, Luke, as are the rest of us.

It’s actually the result of a 48 hour challenge to create “a 4/4 eurobeat-trance theme that would one day replace carmel dansen (however it’s spelled). You gotta make this as cute as possible with the thought of anime girls dancing around, you must also teach us how to dance to this song. ALL ON LSDJ MUAHA. Tempo must be 170.” Oh, the crazy thing chiptuners do for fun.

[Via the Anamanaguchi blog, thanks for the heads-up, Peter!]

Guest post by Matt “Fort90” Hawkins

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